Anal Skin Tags

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I can’t believe I’m telling you this. This is why people look on the internet for bodily problems. You can thank me later.

I was in the shower one day doing my normal routine when I felt something out of the ordinary. It was a bump on my bum. I panicked. I didn’t know what to think! I had heard of STDs that creates bumps but I had been nowhere near anything like that!

Since I knew I didn’t get it as an STD, I went online to search what could cause bumps near my rectum. At first searching around on webMD I felt like a hypochondriac starting to believe that I was sick with everything and the bump on my butt was symptom for it.

Luckily, after my nerves called down and I did some more research, I found that anal skin tags are not uncommon. They can especially be common in people who are overweight or athletic because both cause excessive rubbing. Since I go to the gym often and not overweight, I figured this was exactly what was happening to me.

I was very relieved to find out I didn’t have some strange illness. Also the fact that I’ve had many skin tags in the past made it easier to understand why I got anal skin tags. Luckily, I was able to remove all of my other skin tags using Revitol skin tag remover. I did a quick search to see if Revitol was safe to use near your rectum and It is 100% safe because it is an all-natural product.

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Luckily because I had already used Revitol may times I didn’t have to experiment with other brands or solutions down there. I can’t imagen what it would be like using essential oils such as Oregano or other oils that are typically used for skin tag removal.  Unfortunately, I did try essential oils on my skin tags under my arms and around my neck. They did not work as much as I wanted them to. That would have been an affordable solution. But Revitol is not any more expensive then essential oils are so I lucked out there.

With Revitol it’s easy to apply with no hassle in getting it out of the container to apply it. The cream has little to no smell and I don’t feel any sensation after putting it on. All I have to do is put it on once in the morning and once at night before I go to bed. I love that Revitol doesn’t leave any scaring or marks behind after the skin tags are removed. I would highly recommend Revitol to anyone battling with skin tags.

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