Skin Tag Removal

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Hi! Im Becky! One of Rebecca’s friends.

I thought sitting in the waiting room was bad enough. When you visit a dermatologist you never know who is going to be in there, or who was sitting in your seat. It was time for my skin tag removal.

My skin tags had been bothering me long enough. My husband, not trying to be mean, had made a comment or two about them and I never felt I looked my best at the gym. I felt like that guy with the giant food stain on his shirt you can’t help but keep glancing at, wondering what made that mess and how long ago.  I was embarrassed.

So I finally went to my local dermatologist. Personally, I hate waiting rooms. Who knows who has been in there and who knows what was wrong with them. I feel like I am walking into a germ bath every time I enter any kind of doctor’s office. I really wanted to get rid of my skin tags especially after my husband made a comment about them. However, I did not expect it to be so expensive. Apparently the dermatologist I visited was one of the more affordable skin tag removers in the area. His price was only $45 per skin tag.

I was getting nervous. I had filled out the forms and was waiting for them to call my names. I first noticed the skin tags a few years ago and didn’t pay them any mind. They were supper annoying when I shaved but they didn’t show. But now, they are out of hand.

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The door to the hallway opened and my name was called. I went to the examination room and waited some more. When the doctor entered I blurted out everything. My nervousness in meeting with him and what would happen. He reassured me that all would fine and that this is a common problem. He had two options for me. Surgically removing them or a new ointment that he had and had seen great results.

My doctor recommended Revitol Skin Tag Remover. I opted for the cheaper, less invasive, non-scaring, natural skin tag removal. I tried it out and loved it! I added it to my morning and nightly routine and they were gone! I am so grateful Rebecca showed it to me so I can have my skin tag removal the easy way!

I was still a little nervous it wouldn’t work. Especially after how expensive it was to use my dermatologist. However, it worked extremely well to the point it might be working to well. Two days after applying it to my biggest skin tag, it fell of wile I was taking a shower. I was amazed at how quickly it was working, especially the fact that there was no pain at all. So now I’m skin tag free and I always keep a bottle of Revitol close by!

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Skin Tag Remover